Mother, I don’t wanna be ungrateful but...

It was the 1950s. Emran was the only male child of seven, in Syed al-Yamani’s family. The youngest of the family, the apple of the eye, was very lavished by her mother, Syarifah Khatija. Syarifah Khatija was a strict old lady, especially after being the sole breadwinner when the patriarch passed away. Although strict, Syarifah gave his son everything—the best education, the best clothes and taught the best of manners and he grew to be a very fine young man.

At twenty-one, now working a good job and saving a lot of money, It is time now for Emran to marry. Emran was ready too, he was mature and popular among the girls so Syarifah half-expected that he’d have a good candidate.

Ummi, I have known this friend, a female friend.” Emran said one day.

Good? What’s her name?


Aisyah? Aisyah what?

Aisyah binti Burhan, ummi.

Hm. Just friends, I hope. No fancy stuff. “ His mother was silent after that. Maybe his mother didn’t know this girl, that’s why she looks rather uninterested. If she knows who this wonderful young lady is, she might like her.

So he talked about Aisyah a lot more in the coming days.

Ummi, Aisyah just sew this fancy little baju kurung for her niece. She can sew very well, you know.

Ummi, Hajah Halimah met me and Aisyah in town. Hajah praised Aisyah’s good manners.

Ummi, Aisyah now does part-time babysitting. She takes care of kids like her own’s!

Ummi, Aisyah cooked this nice beef stew for us. Yummy is it?”

Every day without fail Emran took the effort to include the name Aisyah in his conversation. And yet, his Ummi never seemed to care. Not even a reply. Well, she did said ‘Aisyah’ once.

Emran, what is it so good about Aisyah that you always spoke about her?

Ummi, she is faboulous! She is pretty, with ladylike manners, pious, great cook and...

How about Sharifah Wahidah, the girl from the Syed Al-Zamani family? She’s good too.

But Ummi, I don't love Weeda. She's like my sister.

Well, love can be built, but reputation isn’t.

Emran was slightly puzzled by that reply. He tried to think of a meaning to it, but her preoccupation with Aisyah supersedes everything. He continued working and saving up money as usual, till the big day came six months later.

It was Friday, before the weekly prayers. Ummi was darning an old dress in the living room. Then came Emran in a green Baju Melayu and white songkok, looking more dapper than usual.

Ummi,” he said, softly.

Yes, Emran my young one.” Ummi keeps threading the dress, not looking up.

Ummi, today I want you to accompany me somewhere. After Solat Jumaat, of course.

Oh, that’s why you are wearing nicely today. To where Emran?” His mother kept sewing.

To Aisyah’s. We are gonna merisik.

Ummi dropped her needle.


Yes mother. I’d like to marry Aisyah. I know this is sudden and all, but I prepared the money. And also, I bought the ring too, right here...

No. You’re not gonna get married. Not with Aisyah.

Why Ummi? Aisyah is great! She’s all that! She can cook, sew, take care of kids, polite...

But she’s not a Sharifah.” Came her quick reply.

Yes, I know that but, it’s just a name Ummi. Not everybody has that name...

That’s why, not EVERYBODY can marry us.

Mother, it’s just a name.” He pleaded. Looking serious, his mother put her dress to the side.
Now she looks straight at him.

No, it was never ‘just a name’. It’s a reputation. A LINEAGE. A RIGHT. The Syed Al Yamani
descendant must continue to be pure-bred forever, not mixed with this commonfolks.” She stressed on the word commonfolks, as if it was about another species. Emran pleaded again.

Mother, in Islam there is never a difference in race or skin color. The only difference is faith to God,” Emran debated.

But in Islam there are four points in choosing a wife remember? Religion, Beauty, Wealth and of course Breed. Our breed is the selected one.

But the hadith said that if you emphasise on religion you can have a blessed marriage. Aisyah is pious and polite too. We may not find anyone like her, even in a thousand years.

But there are other Syarifahs out there to choose. Why not them, Emran?

Ummi, are you willing to miss out on such a great person by making up this rule?

Syed and Syarifah. Syarifah and Syed. That’s how it has been, that’s how it will always be.” Her mother ended the argument.

I like Aisyah. And I WILL marry her.” Emran stood up, and left for the door.

SYED EMRAN AL YEMENI.” Ummi said, firm and clear.

You marry her, you are an ungrateful child. Anak derhaka.

Emran stopped in his tracks. He was silent. She was silent. The room felt awkward for a long moment.

He glanced back to his mother. And turned his footsteps toward her.

Ummi, I don’t want to be an anak derhaka. If that’s what you want, I will not marry Aisyah.

Her mother smiled.

But I won’t be marrying anyone else either.

Emran took his songkok from the table in front of her mom, and walked out to the mosque, leaving his mother speechless.

*The name Syed Emran is not real, but the story is based on a real one. Till today, Emran never married.


PointBlankShot berkata…
saw an error there heheh

"Emran,what is it so good about Aisyah that you always spoke about him?"

but, this a one good story to read.


that guy obeyed his mother by not being an ungrateful child and yet sacrifising himself by not marrying the girl he ever loved.

i pity emran though, seriously.
^^nu[dd]yra^^ berkata…
pity emran...tuk x mnjadi anak derhaka...dier lebih rela x kahwin ....hmmm...
Nusra berkata…
oh tidak, macam cerekarama tv3...

so what with pure-bred?
Tanpa Nama berkata…
pity him :(
Aslina berkata…
dorang bukan manusia ke?

huhuhhh... tak suke kot manusia camni... macam la darah dorang warna gold as if were the "choosen one".

ezasayani berkata…
ouh my..... T__T what type of mom laa...
I.R berkata…
salam,how sad the story is.well,the same goes to me.IT IS A REAL STORY.just happened to me back in few months before.the reason we had to broke up is just because i am not a syarifah.and ought to know that his mother force him to let go of me.she's saying that between syed there's cant be a mix blood, i mean there will be no syed with NON-SYARIFAH.and that is just it.i even cant be allowed to be friend with her pathetic is that? tell really is.until now,i can't really accept another man in my life,coz i believe ALLAH will show her someday that,IT IS JUST A NAME,and she cant only after that name.all i am doing right now is just to keep pray for both of us..salam...
Tanpa Nama berkata…
i do believe this is a real story. i heard of it once
asd berkata…
situasi ni sama dengan aku. dan sekarang aku cuba berusaha untuk buka hati ibu aku supaya boleh terima si dia.
anies anessa berkata…
nice story...ada lg ker kes mcm nie zaman sekarang ek?
Amoi berkata…
the story is same with Andai Itu Takdirnya by Siti Rosmizah.

Nadirah Jannah berkata…
It's undeniable that status doesn't matter when it comes to love. Yet, as a child to our parent, we should obey our parents for what they have advised or ordered us to do. Sometimes, I have been thinking that, people still hold that kind of mindset and then resulting into sadness. Not all have that kind of thoughts, but, I can feel how both the son and the mother were.
sd sharipah kene kawin sekaum dengannye la? tengku puteri raja sume? pelissssss. even ade jugak sultan2 yg kahwin org kebanyakan. nyampah kau situasi ceni
nn berkata…
benda camni memang banyak terjadi tapi still sedih bila baca :(
Republic Aku berkata…
susahnya bila dipaksa memilih dan jalan terakhir ialah tiada pilihan dibuat tapi membunuh semua orang sekaligus! Cerita ini benar atau tidak ,tidak penting tapi memang pernah terjadi...aku tengok dalam drama.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
kes ni sebijik mcm kes aku. apabila mak x-bf aku paksa dia pilih antara aku or family. ugut dengan perkataan anak derhaka. in the end, he chose his family. Dua2 sama sakit. Hati sakit. Sampai sekarang hati kedua2 pihak masih belum sembuh. Sangat sakit bila dipaksa untuk memilih. Tapi dia terpaksa. Hanya kerana mak mengugut utk menjadi anak derhaka. :( Hati ini masih berdarah.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
syed still can married non sharifah...but if sharifah married non syed? kt0rg mcm buang kturunan sb anak nnti dh xde syed or bkn sb sb nk kekalkan kturunan Nbi Muhmmad s.a.w..keistimewaan yg dkurniakan bkankah ptut djaga..
Tanpa Nama berkata…
had same not a degree nor master grad,but managed to get quite a good job with my diploma.bila jumpa bapak dia,he's ok,tapi behind my back,he tried hard to split us up.the reason?aku sekolah tak tinggi,come from kampung n my family background biasa2 je.

i left him.sebab taknak dia derhaka.and now i live happily with my adopted kid,improved my education level,have the best job with best salary ever,still single n missed him.
Cikya berkata…
speechless bila baca..
agama dan keturunan..
orang kata ada apa pada nama,
kekalkan keturunan.
whatever it is. May Allah ease..
as what really counts in the end is, your iman..
Adziim berkata…
Mak aku Syed tapi dia kahwin dengan orang biasa.
Dan aku tak ada gelaran Syed.

Dia ada cerita pasal keturunan ini.

Perkahwinan mak dengan ayah aku atas dasar suka sama suka.

Tak ada dasar keturunan syed,sharifah atau apa-apa keturunan sekalipun.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
@Tanpa Nama
wow..still single and have adopted kid? how do u manage it? i was planning to do the same..
eddyminako berkata…
i hate to say this, but..

padan muka mak dier!!

(damn, macam tengok cite drama)
shned shahabuddin berkata…
im a sharifah. but i dont want to marry SYED. boleh?
Sheriel Aizan berkata…
pity emran

he obeyed his mom by not marrying that chick and refused to marry anyone, i just hope that one day MAK CIK SHARIFAH will understand the exact concept of universality in Islam, tak kisah kau anak sultan sekalipun

Though dah terlambat pun masa tu
Tanpa Nama berkata…
bec: when u think using ur heart,not ur head,especially after facing a hard time,everything seems possible.that time i thought taking care of a kid is kacang..tapi penat oi.single mom lagi.haha
lawak lak ble dialog dlm bi je awl2 pastu boleh lak kuar "anak derhaka".

nice entry.
CtZ berkata…
baik puak2x syed n syarifah ni duk la satu kroni, buat la dunia sendiri, bangga sangat kan. cuba la tanam padi sendiri, tangkap ikan sendiri boleh ke??? jawab lah..
haha x yah duk malaysia lah wey..
sini 1 malaysia.
mad berkata…
ape la..syg sgt keturunan..bukan menjamin akhlak yg baek pun.. :)
TeratakAzmi berkata…

Hanya org yang faham akan tahu, dan hanya org yang tahu akan faham.
SheyaZint berkata…
i pon dr glongan sharifah syed and luckily my family doesnt take that matter seriously . what really matter bout it . kadang rasa mcm tk ptut . my cousin , tp keluarga jauh , dipaksa kwn dgn syed tp husbandnya takde pekerjaan n masa depan ntah kemana , family stuju as long as their in law is syed also . kesianlah cousin i tu .
Tanpa Nama berkata…
@Tanpa Nama
Yala..dats y, dat time after clash, dah x nak fikir about marriage. itend to think using my heart instead my head.huu. n thinking of getting a kid n be a single mom. really nid lots of strength kan..huhu.. u must b tough enuf to handle it. :(
|| kay tania || berkata…
sadly. ade lagi macam ni. happen to a LOT of people. including me.

kadang2, kita act macam kita tuhan, tentukan jodoh anak2. tuhankah kita?

mak bapak fikir bukan2, salah ke kalau doakan kebahagiaan?

Tanpa Nama berkata…
' Religion, Beauty, Wealth and of course Breed '

Kepale hotak mak die pilih based on beauty and wealth.ajaran islam mane die ikut.bodoh
a n a b e l l a berkata…
@Tanpa Nama betul lah kot.. pilih calon isteri berdasarkan 4 perkara.. agamanya, kecantikannya, hartanya, keturunannya.. kau tu yg ikut ajaran mana?
can u spell? :) berkata…
pity dat guy, hmmm :(
hope her mom one day changed her mind insyaallah
Light Fragrant berkata…
pity him.
ni lah jadi bila ego tinggi konon igt gelaran tu bagi status.
sayang gelaran dari sayang anak,
Tanpa Nama berkata…
benci sial konsep anak derhaka ni
then anak ko x kawin
pdn muke
syed hafeez berkata…
aku pernah baca pasal syed n sharifah ni, pasal kafa'ah jatuh pada sharifah. pasal syed boleh juga kahwin dengan non-sharifah tapi ibarat kau solat tapi pakai kain curi, macam mana nak explain eh? tapi end up aku tak dapat baca sampai habis lagi pasal banyak sangat keluar source dan setiap source yang dikeluarkan panjang panjang belaka. sampai dari excited nak baca then jadi boring. tapi memang ada pun wujud kes macam ni sampai ada yang tentang sekeras-kerasnya, ada yang tak ambil kisah dan ada yang moderate, haih
Fihann berkata…
Kalau Nabi ada, adakah dia akan membenarkan perkara ini berlaku?
Tanpa Nama berkata…
heheh.dalam Islam pn ada kasta..... i'm till kenot brain..what so best to carry syed syarifah bloodline??
Schubert Serenade berkata…
Typical malay...typical orang kita sendri...mesti cari yang setaraf...sigh...
ika berkata…
sian Emran. mesti dy nanges tyme solat jumaat
izzsue berkata…
ika punya komen terbaik :D haha
The Bent Pencil berkata…
Thanks you guysss for reading :)

nama of course, nama palsu. tapi the story is real. and it is proven, by these comments above.

I hope one day we really, really do forget about all these namesakes and concentrate on the individual itself.

dan,saya hanya pernah dengar "umat nabi muhammad tidak akan masuk neraka," bukan "keturunan nabi muhammad akan masuk syurga."

keturunan dan umat are two rather different things.

apa lah sangat genetik yang kita bangga-banggakan itu. yang Allah nampak cuma Iman dan amal.

and p.s. cara penceritaan ni, saya tiru stail Karim Raslan. seriusly, baca buku-buku dia. best!!
Tanpa Nama berkata…
di negeri utara...syed syarifah masih dianggap golongan bangsawan...thus kalo dorg masuk kampung...kirenyer mcm menteri turun padang la...

aku benci tul kasta-kasta ni.
Mainur Hasnah berkata…
semua orang kan sama disisi Tuhan kecuali amal ibada iaitu keimanan yang membezakannya. lagipun yakin sangat kita ni keturunan Nabi just sebab ada nama tu? entah2 dulu saja mak abah bubuh ke apa kan.. bullshit betul semua tu.. tak payah nak agungkan keturunan, tak ke mana pun.. sori emo sikit bab-bab ni.. btw ada typo kat entri pasal guna him untuk perempuan then her untuk laki pula..
sakakarma berkata…
orang melayu bab2 pelik2 memang no1,cakap lah berbuih2keluar ayat itu,surah ini ,firman itu sabda ini....haram nak dia ikut....syedsharifah konon,tak der yg elok mereka-mereka ni berlagak semacam...meluat.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
sian2..ustazah adik aku pernah tanye nape nabi diturunkan di mekah..sme orang x dpt jwb.
so ustazah tu pun terangkan sebenarnya nabi turun kat mekah sebab orang arab nie suke sangat apehal?sila bange dengan keturunan syed syarifah tu bukan bek pun perangai.

nie kat kampung aku lagi terer ade orang kate yang keturunan syed dijamin masuk syurga.watdefak!
!lau g2 x yah solat ah kekalkan je keturunan syed syarifah da 2 yg bukan keturunan syed syarifah tu macam mane..
syed or syarifah asalnye dari nabi adam jugak.adam 2 asas kejadian kite bukan keturunan syed syarifah ek..
Jimmy Pastore berkata…
tengok komen2 kat atas, kalo aku ada kuasa la memang aku haramkan konsep kahwin antara syed sharifah kat m'sia ni. biar la aku tak dapat pun, janji anak cucu aku tak kena benda yang sama.
dhiya. berkata…
@syed hafeez

yang ni kan?

sekarang situasi ni tengah kena balik dekat diri sendiri. T_T

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