It’s Platonic, Just Waiting for an Earthquake to Cave In

Since there are so much articles down here basically for women, I’d like to make an article for you men readers. Here’s a little advice for you, and I think most of you nice-guys had experienced it. Anyone of you been to Obefiend’s Blogserius? Watch this video by Chris Rock please.

Yep, it’s the PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP, or what we call in Malay “Teman Tapi Mesra”. I’m gonna begin this story of a male friend of mine. Let me call him Bud. So, Bud became this pal of this hot chick Amy. Actually, he kind of likes Amy, but for this High-Maintainace Hot Chick, nice guys like Bud is so out of her league(maybe her taste is bad boy or something). Thus, Amy hooked up with another guy.

 But since Bud was so nice to her, Amy decides to rope him in as a “good friend” anyway. As in whenever she has problems with her BF, Bud’s the shoulder to cry on. He’s the one she’ll string along on places where she can’t bring his BF. He’s the one she’ll depend on for doing things shell never ask her boyfriend to do. And when she can do it with her boyfriend, she’ll get back to her boyfriend and send Bud back to his den of “friendzone.”

But Bud—until he had a steady girlfriend of her own—kept coming back for Amy. One tear shed, he’s the one to console her. One phonecall, he’s there.

“Because you’ll never know.”

Get it real guys. I know deep in your heart you are wishing that this girl you are friends with will finally see the you inside, and dump that jerk of hers and walk with you to that delusional sunset, happily ever after.

No, no, no. Once you are in the friend zone, chances are you will forever. Especially when it comes to platonic relationship. ESPECIALLY when she already has her own BF. I mean read the signs.

 If when she was with you, she had hooked up with god know how many guys, don’t you think it’s clear enough?

 If she only appears in your life whenever her boyfriend is out of sight; or when she had a fight with his BF, isn’t that clear enough?

If whenever you go all lovey-dovey and sweet with her, she was not touched—she looked at you weirdly, she awkwardly changed the subject—but whenever she needs your help she became nice, she welcomed the sweet talks, and almost flirty, can you see the plan she’s pulling out?

And if she’s still with her so-called Jerk Boyfriend even after all the efforts you put up, and all the flirting signs she gave you, are you still gonna be confused and believed in your gut that she’ll change her mind and pick you instead? What if it takes months, years and still no change?

Click to enlarge. BTW, Alfatihah Faizal Yusop. I like his acting

Read the signs, and move out. If you wanna be friends, be friends. But honestly don’t expect anything more than an accidental pat on the shoulder.

Thank God for Bud, he opened up his eyes and now happily married attcahed to her girlfriend. Haha!

p.s. Bud, Dude, if you read this, I’m sorry; but I had no better example than you. Besides, no real name given, no harm done right? (allright, if you are still upset, bro let’s go Zinger Crunch tomorrow. I’m buyin. LMAO)


Husky n Pusky berkata…
eh eh saya pertama yang berkomen la.
Husky n Pusky berkata…
kawan aku selalu bagitau kat aku, lelaki paling kesian adalah lelaki tempat pompuan pinjam bahu, tapi sekadar kawan. dan benda tu selalu berlaku kat aku.sad but true.
cewek.medusa berkata…
bagi aku lelaki yg suka bg pinjam bahu ni yg mangkuk! ape korang ingat dgn bg pinjam bahu je, pompuan tu bole berubah hati kt korang (harapnya)?

mana ada lelaki yg ikhlas nk bagi pinjam bahu? mana? kdg2 pompuan(siP) tu ckp ayat biasa2 je, lelaki(siL) plak yg duk perasan lelebey..

or, maybe siP mmg ada hati kt siL mangkuk ni selesa nk bg pinjam bahu je, bukan bg hati..tu yg jd 'tmn tp mesra' ni..kut?

aku main komen je ni, sbb tag terfaktab "tak payah fikir lagi, komen saja" peace
AlexiaAqram berkata…
dis is fes entry in english ever. i like!

Husky n Pusky berkata…
kecik hati i taww medusa.stoned habis
bujal X berkata…
tiada istilah teman tapi mesra kalau teman itu sekadar bahu untuk keluh kesah dan masalah.apatah lagi bila ngeteh di mamak kena bayar sindri-sindri.

*platonic fren my punggung.
shahirahkhairudin berkata…
sayang menyayangi tapi masih boleh keep the options open. tak commit. kes ni sama dengan platonic r/ship jugak ke?
Author berkata…
@Husky: selalu nice guys yang jadi Platonic kan?
tak cukup exciting untuk jadi boyfriend, tapi tak cukup jahat untuk dibuang dari friendlist.

@cewek medusa: bak kata chris rock dalam video tu "we men don't have 'platonic friend's, we have "list of women we havent f*** yet."

@Alexia: pas ni nak buat semua entri english boleh? ramaikan bloggers antarabangsa sikit.

@bujal: kalau bayar sendiri-sendiri takpe, ni yang kita kena bayarkan untuk dia, parah tu!

@shahirah: yep, itu ialah classic example of Platonic. macam plat bumi la. dekat2 tapi tak bersambung. bila-bila boleh menjauh.

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