selamat tinggal, sayang.

Ada tengok Desperate Housewives Season 7 (DHS7) - Never Can Say Goodbye? This entry is inspired from that episode.

“Leaving is never easy. But the time comes when we must move on.” - DHS7

Siapa cakap senang nak say GoodBye? There's nothing GOOD in a BYE you know.

Tapi ini realiti hidup. Apa yang kau mulakan akan berakhir sebenarnya. Either u end it up it a very suck way or in a better way. Depends on you.

It's a shame that it had to be this way. Kan dah cakap saying goodbye is not very easy things to do. Ni bukan GoodBye mama, I am going to school now. Ini saying Goodbye selamanya. You might not see the person anymore after saying the goodbye. That's why sometimes I hate saying goodbye tak kira lah dalam call ke or chatting. I feel like I will lose you tomorrow.

Maybe I'm to blame
Or maybe were the same
But either way I can't breathe
Either way I can't breathe

Kalau masalah itu terjadi daripada diri sendiri. Aku tak nak salahkan kau penyebabnya untuk sedapkan hati sendiri. But sometimes I blame others too. I know you all did blame others for what you did. At this point. Kau akan rasa kau sahaja yang betul. But when things get awfully tiring, try to seek for silence for a while. Then, you will realize bukan awak seorang sahaja yang salah. Saya sendiri pun ada salah. Masalah tak akan muncul kalau bertepuk sebelah tangan kan?

All I had to say is goodbye
Were better off this way

You mess all the things up. And you thinks saying goodbye is the wise choice. Why running away? Not trying to clean the mess first lah? Maybe it's better off this way with all the mess we have created. But in someday you have to face the mess again you created. Kau lari pun kau akan jumpa semula point masalah kau. Better settle kan semua make clean all before saying goodbye is better kan?

Tapi kadang kadang I looks like I don't care with the mess I have done. But I do care afterall. And sedapkan hati keadaan macam ni lebih baik buat masa ini. At least untuk sementara waktu. Bila aku dah sedia, I will face you again. Biar waktu sahaja yang menentukan bila masa yang sesuai untuk face each other again without any hatred anymore.

I'm alive but I'm losing all my drive
Cause everything we've been through
And everything about you
Seemed to be a lie
A guiltless twisted lie
It made me learn to hate you
Or hate myself for letting it pass by

I hate this. We started with a very good friendship. Later on we becomes stranger again. Trying to get rid your ex from your life. And trying to lie to yourself that this person never existed in your life. But you do care about that person at the end of the day. I can't defines my feeling to you, do I hate you or not. I can't defines that easily with words. It's amazing right when two peoples used to be so close suddenly becomes stranger again. Yes better off this way.

All I had to say is goodbye
Were better off this way
And every, everything isn't only
What it seemed so hold these
Words that you never told me
Its time to say goodbye

Different several guys is involved in my mind when I writing this. My love life is so tragic. Do anyone came up in your mind when reading this entry?

And this song entry is : Goodbye by Secondhand Serenade.

p/s: The end of the love song week. Goodbye this special week :')


Fatimah Zaharah berkata…
" Do anyone came up in your mind when reading this entry? "

- Yup, he's MAI.

To MAI ; Kalau kita terjumpa kat mana2, sy harap sy time tu dah xd pape feeling kt awak sbb kalau rsa tu masih tersisa, jgn terkejut kalo sy nangis depan awak.

Pathetic right?
Amoi berkata…
@Fatimah Zaharah No it's not pathetic. You just don't ready yet to move on 100%.

Tanpa Nama berkata…
aku jmpa my ex 2wiks ago after 5mnths clash. dua2 nangis tp of cosla aku yg nangis teruk..the last gudbye is the hardest! ada perempuan lain dlm usaha nk tackle dia..huhu.. bitch!
Tanpa Nama berkata…
does anyone came up ur mind wen reading this entry?
Yea..He's Azri.
My true love. I still love u sayang...and our last gudbye was damn hard. Sorry we had 2 say gudbye wen we're stil madly in love.. :'(
Cinderella Rapunzel berkata…
even now, after 2years of the breakup, 6month after he met that gurl, and less than 4month till his wedding, i still cant say goodbye. and he is still there whenever i need him.
guess that one tiny string is still attached..for now..
Tanpa Nama berkata…
wuwuwuwuwuwu..sedih sbb baru je break diz evening...
Tanpa Nama berkata…
@Cinderella Rapunzel
after 2years huh..dats a long time..n yet,hard 2 say gudbye.. u're strong enuf 2 c him with other girl. i don't think i can say gudbye 2 my Azri as well tho' if he hav sum1 new.. :'(
shahirahkhairudin berkata…
i love this piece amoi..

and i do remember someone when i read mine, we start as a friend, and ended as a strangers.

notes: u are the one who ask me to leave. so i'm leaving. it's hard for me but i believe that everything happen for a reason. tuhan sediakan aku seseorang yang lebih baik tentunya and i am happy with my life now. thanx for asking me to leave yeah.
pw3nCeSs appLe berkata…
Do anyone came up in your mind when reading this entry?

yeah..he's armand..
my love n only..he already gone in peace..
i'll never forget him eventho remembering him make me hurt so much! gosh! xnk nanges xnk nanges..
*sob sob :(
Aisumi Chan Kawa'i berkata…
lebih rela tak jumpa dari ucap good bye utk slamanya.. huhu~
Ungu berkata…
goodbye. hm.

selamat tinggal.

saya harap kamu tetap selamat walau saya tinggal kamu.

ha. dalam perpisahan, maksud tersirat itu lah yang manis.
it's kinda frustrating.

haihh. moving on ain't as easy.
Shahira berkata…
dah kalis dah dgn move on.
either with relationship or friendship problem.

now i'm heartless.
nursayidatina berkata…
nice one.

I agree with u.

there's never good things in a bye.

btw, u're a good writer.
Amni berkata…
aku? pernha dulu... 2 tahun jugak nak lupakan... mungkin sebab dia sentiasa ada kat sekeliling... tp skang dah okey.. mungkin sebab aku jumpa someone better.. yeah!
Amoi berkata…
Kamu semua, saya tersenyum membaca kisah kamu di sini

TheBentPencil berkata…
We all have our own story to tell, Amoi. We've all been loved, and lost.

this too, is a word-by-word of the feelings I used to have.

I do find the strength in moving on. But sometimes, with some person, the moving on seems so hard to do.

Tanpa Nama berkata…
yup,he's my ofismate..
even we are close bout 4 month but now we become a stranger..
he leave witout saying anythng..
and dont knoe who to be blame..
and im blaming myself :(
really luv him and miss him..
and its hard for me to forget him..
until now :(
saya bernama. berkata…
Do anyone came up in your mind when reading this entry?

yes. MIAR.
it has been 4 years since mula kenal.
and it has been 2 1/2 years since that day.
but i think i'm already over him since a year ago.
dulu if terserempak (same U, same course),
rasa nak marah sangat.
still, my heart would beat faster whenever he's around.
tapi sejak setahun lepas,
dah tak rasa macam tu dah.
me and him, we're like a total stranger.
TOTALLY stranger.
dia dah macam invisible to me.
and yeah, i'm over him.
but he'll always be my best friend like we used to.
i hope we can talk like before. :(
N berkata…
ada : AZAM

tahun ini: tahun ke-8.
tahun ini: kosonghilang semua ny.
tahun ini: mencari diri kembali.
tahun ini : masih belum mampu ucap itu "selamat tinggal" ~

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