Should i decide it's true
that you would leave if given half the chance to go and
i'd be left here on my own
to find myself in bed
wishing everything that changed would be the same

the room still looks like you
it's a mess and all the pictures on the shelf are
dusted off by someone else
to keep me company
i haven't told her that your thought still lingers on

everyday's another chance to bury my regret
everyday's another chance to make it but i can't
but i can't

i saw you on my phone
on a contact list that isn't up to date
would have changed it with more time
that i require to
rid my mind of all the freckles on your face

and reconcile to what?
the ring i bought you is buried deep within the ground
behind the swing where we first met
and memory only serves
to remind of all the bruises you forgave

should i decide it's true
that you'd return if given half the chance to come....

but it's not true

I was sad until I found William Fitzsimmons.Seorang lelaki hebat yang dibesarkan di kota Pennsylvania bersama ibu bapa yang buta juga psychotherapist dan singer-songwriter yang menulis lagu berkisarkan cinta agungnya kepada sang isteri dan perkhawinan 9 tahun mereka yang berakhir dengan penceraian,kena tinggal bini.Kisahnya klishe,tapi lagunya sangat teraputik.Tak ada lagunya yang aku tak dengar.Semuanya aku dengar dan kaji maksud lirik yang beliau tulis.I can feel the sadness and pain.Aku belajar.. we are never as ready as we think we are.

There's room between your heart
And the chair where I've been sleeping
The place that we called home
Will someday watch you leaving

There's room between today
And the last time that I saw you
The pictures in my brain
Will fade until I lose you

If you would come back home
We could start all over
If you would come back home
I swear it would be better

There's room left in the house
There's food still in the pantry
I could fix you lunch
Or take you out for coffee

Call the surgeon (if you would come back home)
Mend the pieces (if you would come back home)

"It's not that I'm ashamed of those songs, but from them I will always be reminded of the worst mistakes I've made: losing my house and my wife, being broke and homeless. I'm of the mindset that suffering can be a curative experience, but I wouldn't have wished those days on anyone." - William Fitzsimmons


peek a boo berkata…
" we are never as ready as we think we are. "

sgt setuju ayat kt atas ni. sbgai heartbroken person myself, pedih kelat ptus cinta. Mmg ms mula2 bercinta, salu bersedia utk ape2 benda bruk mcm break up ni.

But when it happens, we ain't strong like we always thought we are.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
" we are never as ready as we think we are. "

btl tuh..peek a boo...ak pon stuju ngn ko..kite igt kite dh sdia..but when its really happen...wuaaaa...sedihnye!! klo bole 24jm pon nk tido..xnk pikir ape2..hmm..but its our life..we must face it..evendo we like it or not~~huuu... :)
Cinderella Rapunzel berkata…
Best love song week entry
Tanpa Nama berkata…
this is kinda funny but part un updated phone list tu part yang paling terkena, for me.

SMS 6 ribu dah dalam hanset. hanset dah gerak macam siput. SMS dah backup dalam komputer. tapi still dunno why, tak terasa macam nak delete.

but I bet we all know why.

Cinderella Rapunzel berkata…
Apesal tak ramai komen sini? Kat entri Cob Nobbler Nami atas tu sume berebut nak ngaku lagu sama lah, etc.

Btw, UA, thanks to you, I'm hooked to WF now. Can't stop listening to him this whole day.

And yah, sangat teraputik.
Ulii Azman berkata…
auw guys :) thanks for the comments.keep listening to william fitzsimmons!

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