Wordless Wednesday, NOT.

From my tumblr, again.

Guys, guys, guys.

There is a difference between being a man, and being just a sperm donor, you know.

There's more to it than just finding the so-called "perfect woman"--which by your standards meaning physical things such as voluptuous body and the ability to gourmet a meal.

Truth is, no perfect woman will find you until you perfect yourself. And honestly even the less-than-perfect women wouldn't settle for less.

Picky species, you gotta admit. But it's just that animalistic, prehistoric desire to procreate that makes them picky.

No female would want their future offspring weak, poor and unkempt, do they?

So chuck off that PS3 and iPad2 of yours, and get yourself some lifelong useful skills. I don't know--like changing a lightbulb and fixing a clogged drain or something. You know, the ones that will make you more useful around the family than being the one shouting "I'm home!" and giving orders for some sandwich and a Kopi-O.

Be a man. Don't just be a dick.


sicKo^ berkata…
totaly agree with you... We can't expect our girl to be perfect without looking in the mirror first..
Tanpa Nama berkata…
make a sandwich!
norinaomar berkata…
pergh...aku suka sangatttttt tajuk ni!!

nak link entry ni for my nest entry!
wa caya sama lu!
AsyieqiN Rkey berkata…
like!!u want the best be the best ye dak?
Puteri Biru berkata…
be a real man.. a good man.
little.pingu berkata…
the one y balik2 keje mintak kita tanggalkan stokin as mentioned by Mr. K itu kategori ape? Man ke Dick? Hehehe..
Tanpa Nama berkata…
semad gila! sukasukasuka~ :D
Piah Becok berkata…
so true~ so true~
TheBentPencil berkata…
^ macam kenal tanpa nama di atas.

to the girls up there, welcome =D
Yaya Bella berkata…
nice one! ^^ skrg byk sgt lelaki yg fikir gune dicks die n less are using their brain.
azuwa berkata…
I could not agree more.

thumbs up!
Kentang_ berkata…
Hahaha. I am a dick and i love of being it. Dick owning while man suffering. <3<3<3
Akulah Aqilah Itu berkata…
So true! Ni nak tukar mentol pon panggil handyman. pirrah! Nak buat laki konon.

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