Its not easy being us. Its not easy being one of us.

We have to do a lot of reference about this and that to actually make all the things that we wrote makes sense in our readers mind. 

Some of us, i believe, is having a non-stop relationship with squirgly squirmy love quotes, watching endless drama about love, watching sorta love life movies and pouring lots of first hand experience plus all the secondary experience we've been going thru in this life. 

In order to make someone happy, sometimes you have to forfeit your own happiness. That's how things works. Its in order. Balanced.

We do have our ups and downs. Personal stuff, readers stuff and all. Just because we wrote love shiznits, doesn't mean we're always in love or always in a state of trash-like life. 

A lot of people is hoping to pinch the best out of us, which is kinda absurd since one of the most hardest thing to do in this world is to satisfy each and every one of you regardless your affiliations. We are doing this indirectly to help anybody and everybody including ourselves to understand, even if its a tiny bit of these things called love. Sure, its complicated. Nevertheless, we did something to ensure an endless exchange of opinions and stories to grind and grill so that those who've never experienced any kind of those horrible stuff can evade those redundant feelings away.

Anyway, thanks for all the support readers.



tira berkata…
Thanks for everything terfaktab. To be honest, terfaktab dah banyak beri
tunjuk ajar pasal kehidupan pada saya. Terima kasih. :)
Alexia Aqram berkata…
kalaulah mereka faham. kalaulah..

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