The Ballad of Mr Nice Guy.

Here ye, here ye, one and all!
To listen or dispute, it's either your call,
For this is a man's story, i can rather recall
Who felt heartbreak and pain, and still walking tall.

Mr nice guy, was his name,
but being mr nice guy--who'd thought it would be so lame!
For the curse of mr nice guy, would mean the same,
Whenever he searches for love, true ones will hardly came.

We began our story, at the school,
Where being nice and nerdy was never cool.
Sure, pretty girls come by, and he'd silently drool,
But they use him for favors, and treat him like a fool.

We came to college years, where girls are wiser.
But finding a love interest, is never getting easier.
Along came a bubbly one, and he thought "It'll be her!"
But little did he know, she was a golddigger.

One day she came and asked for a PC repair,
He’d turn her down, but she had him at the flip of her hair,
Pretty soon from favors, he was caught in her flair,
His one sided love, had became a banter.

Then days go by but she's still around,
She'd ask for more favors, like accompany her to town,
Or bring her to concerts, pay for drinks, too numerous to count
Tasks and gifts bought, as if he had cash abound,

But as weeks go by, the love for her….increased ten-fold.

One day, he can't stand it, he told her the truth,
That beyond his cool exteriors he was swooned,
But oh my, oh dear my, that was his doom,
There comes her jeer, he's branded the buffoon.

‘Twas a sad day for nice guys everywhere,
It put him to shame, and left him tattered in repair,
 He nearly flunked his studies, all because of her,
But don’t fret, cause this nice guy, he has no fear.

Five years later, he finished picking up his pieces,
And he realized one thing—girls change as time passes,
What used to be gold-diggers and emo-princesses,
Are now mature and well-cultured lasses.

This time, the rules of love changed dramatically,
Where gifts and returns are always reciprocal,
Whatever he gave so wholeheartedly,
The girls gave back, twice as eagerly.

And that is when ended his search with the love he always wanted,
She was not a looker, but she was all that he needed.
As they walk down the aisle, hand in hand, arm intertwined,
They finally believed that nice guys will always, get the nice girls in the end.

(picture from here, here, here and here.)


Tanpa Nama berkata…
this is really good!
takutake berkata…
Thanks The Bent Pencil. Truly, thanks.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
thanks azze, takutake...<3

Harish Mustak berkata…
i can relate to this.
Sis AI berkata…
Yang ye nye si Takutake tu tgh heart broken, so he really thanked this article, hehe!

Apapun, nicee! See, Nice boy for nice girl. Slalunya laki baik ni akn fkir it's not cool to be good. They're wrong actually. [Kbanyakan laki yg baik brubah sbb ni la. Cri awek smarter smua]
samanosuke_04 berkata…
mantap2.. apsal aku terasa arh.. huhu, aku nie nice guy ke? XD
Hellioz berkata…
i love this shit.

nice one izzie.
Hellioz berkata…
i love this shit.

nice one izzie.
mr E oSk gurL berkata…
nice guy always get nice girl...but all i can see is almost only... nice cute, pretty girl always get guy...

no part for nice girls...

**sigh #_#

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