The Curse of Terfaktab.

Hi. God lets us meet again.

  It was October 2011. I was fucked up that time. I went hiatus, hiding in my hometown. Then, I got a shocking offer to be one of the new Terfaktab squad members (together with Sofia Nin). Aqram invited me through Facebook. I was flattered and nervous at the same time. Then, I thought of  "The Curse of Terfaktab". Though I have not been following Terfaktab long enough, but I have seen and read about this sacred curse.

  Some say, most writers here experience break-up(s) prior to being in the squad. Then, tragic happens again while in here. That's how I interpret "The Curse of Terfaktab". Break-up makes us here or no longer here. Well, believing such a thing wholeheartedly is half-stupid. It could well be khurafat. Either you are related with Terfaktab or you are not, everyone suffers break-up(s). We all know, shits happen for reasons. When you found happiness, Allah is the one who granted it. When you suffered disappointments, Allah planned it, too.

  All of us suffer break-up(s) much like we have our ups and downs . That's life. Life is never a smooth, straightly cushioned road. Life is a challenging trip and you fall along the way, multiple times. Those break-up(s) and disappointments you had, were painful and it's killing. Yet, it will just make you even stronger. Never believe those letdowns are the curse, the curse that hinders you from being the happy you again. All of us, deserve happiness, either with or without a partner. Seek happiness and you may find it. Or if you choose to wait, it may take some time that will probably bore you to death.

  No such thing as curse 'cos everything has been planned and written by Him. In Allah, we trust.

p/s- mind the hideous cartoon. : )


bukan penggoda berkata…
In Allah, we trust. :)
Tanpa Nama berkata…
hehehe. curse? mana ada. gua rilek je.

- boss.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
he's a playboy. lol

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