Ehlo dear terfaktab readers.

Today we're going to discuss about, catalyst.

As we can see, people got thousands, maybe billions, perhaps trillionz reason to be in a relationship. I don't want to drag about it and list each and every one of it so lets just give it a go.

When i was in high school, we're being programmed to learn about chemistry, biology and physics. Which none of that shit mentioned above is actually useful to me in my studies since i swayed myself off it because i'm not that good at it, except biology (that's another story).

We actually had a good time studying about chemistry and its peculiar terms because they're not of daily regular words we've been using in our conversation.

Besides learning all of the chemistry subject's term and jargon, we actually apply some of it in our daily life. Our, because most classmates of mine have the same ideas on it. And that's how we used 'catalyst' in relationship.

So the term catalyst is being widely used to be successful in giving something a spark.

Why? Because every action leads to a reaction. The action will be negative, positive or more than just a positive because the catalyst plays an important part in what we're discussing here.

Going thru a relationship basically means u'll be facing a catalyst. If the catalyst is of a good substance (human), the end result will be remarkable. If the catalyst is gnarly, u probably fall down to the side of the hill and crashed into pieces.

A good relationship is the relationship where u found your strength when u're on it. But some sloppy relationship will always bring u down to the bottom of your life. So far, i'm facing the latter, screw me.

A good relationship will bring u higher than high since u've found a new strength to face life every now and then. That's kinda rare since within my speculation and observation, a lot of relationship brings sour times along, maybe because some of them, including me can't handle the bad side of feelings. Coz they'll prolly kick u right on between your legs on your nuts. That's permissible if you let them do that unto you.

But lets take a good look at its bright side. Your partner can possibly brings you to a level where the need to be successful is greater than the otherwise. This, is gold. Some catalyst help you leap farther beyond your expectation.

Pick the right mode of relationship. If they brings you more harm than good, u're probably on the wrong path towards a good life since the 'catalyst' is bringing you down to the core of the earth. If its 50-50, maybe you'll enjoy it since that's balanced. If the catalyst can bring you farther than just 50%, you must be lucky. A good catalyst will help you or encourage you to be a better man since you know its a good thing to be progressive with the catalyst u love.

But hey, every relationship will face its sloppy hill. But remember, there's always a rainbow after the rain.

Do not get stuck with the awful feelings whenever you feel down coz those feelings will make u feel alive someday somehow. Thats why we're all equipped with feelings. They are the indicator of us being alive. Don't expect things to climb without having to fall once in a while.

Chronologically? Get a good catalyst. Reassess your relationship once in a while. Ask yourself if u're happy throughout the relationship timeline. Don't let the relationship be a burden throughout your life since excess baggage won't help you climb the hill easily.

Last but not least, think and rethink occasionally. Maybe your rational judgment will outdo your pathetic feelings from giving you a hard time every now and then.

Happy catalyzing!


Tanpa Nama berkata…
Good to see you back helly. Simple theory but positive to imply.

moots berkata…
so damn true
Tanpa Nama berkata…
Yeah so true, reminds me of that couple back in college, both got 4 flat. He was her catalyst, so was she. We'd see them in table gardens, discussing studies together. Kewl eh?

Jay berkata…
Haha.. aku selalu nampak konsep catalyst ni dlm fiction writing je. Tak sangka apply juga dlm kapel-kapel.
hida berkata…
Setuju sgt tp sygnya kawan aku yg tgh kapel x nmpk ni. Her relationship with her guy is using the wrong catalyst. Buat hidup dia mcm hell most of the time. Still x paham knp dia masih nk bertahan..
nabila berkata…
My first thought when i read e title catalyst, i was thinking that u try to sell e mlm product.but actually i was wrong.sorry boss!

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