The Perks of Loving a Brilliant Girls


We meet again.

I'd love to start this piece of articles with Be Careful.

As y'all know, terdapat banyak jenis perempuan yang telah sejak azali dia stereotype-kan oleh kita, kami, anda, kamu, dan semua orang. Bimbo, successful women, nerdy, club goers, study-sampai-mati girls, the responsible one, the irresponsible, the i need your attention girls and all.

If you love challenges, you can start by hooking up with them, brilliant girls.

I'll sum up my article today in numbers.

1. Brilliant girls tend to have their own say, their own words n action although someway somehow they want us to guide them. Most of the times, they don't need anyone else who's not dominant enough, to tell them what to and what not to do. But still, even if you have the upper hand on them, you'll have to consider a lot of things. You can't catch a tiger using your bare hands (if you know what i mean).

2. They also have this egoistic thingy happening in them. If you think only guys have bigger ego, wait until u meet them or having the experience of being in relationship with them. For example, they don't like an indecisive man. Make sure u can schedule yourselves and make a quick decision making so that they'll see you as another weaklings amongst their species. haha

3. They knew your moves, 10 times ahead of them. That's the risk of having a relationship with them. This indicate that they are not the type of women that every men can take advantage of. They knew where you are, what you do, when you did it and all. Some might say they're stalkers of the highest calibre, but nayh, they're not just stalkers, they're the fox masquerading in the  lamb's wool.

4. They will easily dump you whenever they think you are not on the same level of them. They do have this imaginary class they've to cope up with. So, if you've ever think of dating them, suit up, and make them think u're ahead of them. hahaha

5. They have tons, by tons i mean, TONS of excuses. They can make the impossible excuses becomes valid and whatnot. So, you (men) have to verify the validity of their excuses so that you're not blindly fooled by it.

6. They will make you listen to them, make you think twice of who's the man or who's the boss around here. I know, men have ego too but if you've high ego, you'll think of the possibility to let them go, be dominant, or keep on listening to them, and OBEY. god bless.

But, no matter how strong n resilience they are, they still need men in their life. If you've met the situation where the wife is having more than just the final say, that's how they keep up with their ego and all.
That's all for today. If you have the strength to keep up with them and be dominant, keep it cool. If you can't, wait until they make the final decision and make you a slave, whatever type of slave u had in your mind lah.

So long,


Tanpa Nama berkata…

But one thing though, not all brilliant girls end up coping with that imaginary class of men they're thinking.

Sometimes, they accept any kind of men that comes to them. And one more thing, they love staying in control.

*currently pursuing a shy man, out of my league. :p
Tanpa Nama berkata…
"they're not just stalkers, they're the fox masquerading in the lamb's wool" wow!! telan air liur
aLEEamanina berkata…
Brilliant :)

Well... yeah... I DO like to take control of the situation... But I want to see what he WILL do about it.

Surrender... or fight?

I love this game

cikya lah berkata…
Suit up guys.

Get ready in your armour like IronMan. I'll bow- woww you if I've met one. Or the more always merrier eyy Hellioz.

web10102 berkata…
aku suka kontrol laki......yeahhh..ahhahaa
Len Inouie berkata…
Yeah! Great... so true.
A man say ' lets have a date'.
he picked me up at home.. once I sit in the car, he asked' nak pegi mana'?
Deep in my head, 'pegi mampus'.
Guys! you better plan before asking girls out. Such a big waste of time!!!!!! Seriously, i hate guys who easily fooled with my excuses. Especially when we flash a smile with stupid excuses and they fall for it. Dumb ass giler..
aku berani bilang aku dalam kategori brilliant girls ni. kenapa? antara sebabnya sbb aku suka lelaki one step ahead in everything.
kenapa? sbb aku tanak buang masa n tenaga dgn lelaki yg aku tak nampak future with him
kenapa? sbb insecurities pon ada jugak.
tapi selebihnya i cant find a guy in my league.
orang cakap kita ni jual mahal n such tapi susah sebenarnya bila befriend dgn lelaki yg tak sama level. buat sakit jiwa ada la.
lagi these 'brilliant girls' got so high expectation to be fulfilled to. in my opinion la. hehe

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