(all deserved credits go to Kevin Spear)

 Everyone makes mistakes. Some people repeat the mistakes. You and me, we make mistakes. Mistakes mature us, when we learn not to repeat.

 At this very moment, you may be the dumped, or the one who dumped. Or even both. Either which, it could be one of the biggest mistakes of your life, to have had a fated relationship. The dumped is usually not very keen to forgive, forget and move on. They just can't. Forgiving is harder than the rocks from Mars.

 Yes, your past may be bitter. But the present you're living should be sweet and better. To successfully move on is to forgive (even unwillingly). It helps to cure the bitterness in your heart. You and me, neither of us is as perfect as any of Allah's Messengers. You may find it's hard at times to forgive, forget, and move on. Well, that just shows you're human anyway. Human with bitterly-torn heart.

 Give yourself some time, but you can't have all the time in the world. Afterall, it's not worth to hold grudges and carry it to the afterlife. You can just forgive all the wrongs, the painful wrongs and it's all settled here. The art of forgiving is, never hold grudges.

 Remember, anytime is the best time to forgive.


Suraya Noor berkata…
it's easy to forgive but hard to forget..
Mier Ar berkata…
abang isaac...
to me, i can forgive and forget if there was/is proper closure on the matter.


forgive & amnesia.

what ever it is. people can reason. when explained to and talk it through. people can accept. or at least try.

but dont EVER expect
to be forgiven and forgotten of your wrongdoings after you did shit?

not everybody has the audacity to have amnesia, havent they? :(

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