Small Things Matter, Too.

Assalamualaikum warohmatullah.

One thing for sure, when it comes to love, none of us is an expert. Who doesn't suffer heartbreak ? Who doesn't change partners? Who doesn't taste being single ? We are all the same. We love, we break, we love again and we break again. That's normal. This cycle matures us, teaches us. So, we know the perks of being in a relationship.

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So, normally guys often forget small things. Small things that women take note, women care. Small things like, what does she like to wear, the kind of toilet she prefers, does she prefer bawal more than pashmina, does she prefer you to wear casual shirt or simple T-shirt, the date both of you first met, the date both of you first ate IKEA meatballs, the date both of you had first, second, third and fourteenth quarrel, and all the dates that both of you have been doing since day 1 and the list goes on and on. For most men, what's the big deal between pashmina or bawal. In his eyes, his woman look stunning in both. For men, what's the big deal between cheesecake and chocolate mousse. Both look delicious and it's gonna end in stomach anyway. For men, what's the big deal for remembering all the insignificant dates. What matters to him is, his woman. That's all.

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But wait, for women, NO, NEVER. Those are big deals. You must help her decide which tudung looks better that day. Bawal or Pashmina. Praise either one. That'll calm her down. Or else, she will be having a bad tudung day, the whole day. You must listen to her when she says you look good on small square shirt although you prefer normal T-shirt. Listening to her means loving her. Yes, even just about shirts. You must remember dates which are important to her even those dates aren't so to you. If you can remember these dates, it can help you to be sweet at times. You can surprise her and treat her lunch or dinner and tell her that date is the date you both watch movies together. That's sweet if you suddenly remember. But NEVER, EVER, forget your anniversary, your first date and her birthday These dates are more important than any date in the world. NO matter how forgetful you are, don't ever forget. She'll sulk the whole month if you do so, probably.

Therefore, small insignificant things to men may not be so for women.When men take note or remember those small things, women will surely melt.

Good luck.


akim90 berkata…
haha.nice. tapi masa aku kapel dulu.macam terbalik pulak.aku yg jadi sgt details n dia pulak yg jenis xbpe igt tarikh2 ni.haha
Mira3dora berkata…
This is so trueeee
Najwa Najihah berkata…
how if...girl yg mcm ni? i mean, neglected on small things..

isaac, do guys also care bout small things?
Isaac Ismael berkata…
@Najwa Najihah some guys they care too. But most guys they dont.
Mier Ar berkata…
yea. most of the guys ALWAYS nag, woman nag over small things.

jadi.. baiklah. maka, aku pun tak pandang small things. i just remember them somewhere in my mind.
si dia seems not care about small things too.

but one day, we had big fight. because another woman. wanna know his reason?
'because she cares of the small things'


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