Wiken Talk - "Why Arent There Any Nice Girls Around?"

So, #foreveralone guys (and friendzoned, and dumped guys alike) always complain that girls nowadays lack the “My Waifu” (soulmate) quality—all they see are girls who are too outgoing, bitchy, too flirty, too sexy, too materialistic, less religious, more rebellious, etc. etc.

I can’t blame this all on them, really—since most of them are speaking from experience, especially on the girls they’ve met on the Net, on forums, Twitter, Facebook, also in clubs, parks, malls, concerts, social events and stuff.The girls are usually attractive and approachable at first but as they got to know them—woah! All hell breaks loose.

“It’s the environment that we live in—it’s morally corrupted so much that girls are growing with a skewed sense of morality and they become horrible bitchy, emo, shallow machine that they are,” these men would say. So is it true—that good girls are no more?

Nah, I gotta tell you, they still exist. As a matter of fact, probably they are more of them than the ‘bitches’ you claim to have met. Personally I’ve met mild-mannered, well-adjusted girls; those shy, polite ones you’d expect only to find in romance novels and bishoujo manga.

But here’s the catch though—the nicest, nicest girl usually stays off the radar. You won’t find them hanging at the malls all day, they dilligently work a 9-5 job or study all day, and come home to cook and clean and read a book then go to sleep early. And sometimes they don’t even have Twitter and FB!

I swear—I had this friend, the most intelligent, polite single girl you’d ever met—and she doesn’t even have an FB, let alone twitter. She’s only contactable through her work email, and phone—and don’t use it that much either.

And there are a few more that I know, who lurk in social media—they have blog, tumblr and twitter and such—but they get drowned by other attention-whoring females who flood the media with their attractive pics and emotion-grabbing posts. What’s worse, they are around, but they go unnoticed due to their stand on anonymity (usually they don’t reveal themselves so much on the net).

So how do you find them? Well, open your eyes wider guys, and keep searching. Don’t just get attracted to the shiniest, brand-new toy in the box—dig deeper into the places you’d least expect—you know what I mean, right?

And when you’re outside walking around doing your daily life, keep your eyes peeled for them. They don’t stand out very much. They might be on the chair next to you ordering breakfast in your favorite joint, always next to you on the bus, always sitting on the same seat in the lecture halls…why, might even be the girl next door to you!

So when you think you won’t find the soulmate for yourself—don’t fret yet—she just haven’t met you yet. And there’s a lot of these girls out there, believe me; and they are single, just waiting for nice guys like you to sweep them off their feet. Just don’t stop hoping!


Miss Fireflies berkata…
yeap.not reveal.that much.
Wani berkata…
Bagi sy, klu kita nk cri psangan perfect ni, memang tak arr. Just kna trima seadanya. Kna byk tolerate, understand each other, bru rsa selangkah nak usaha 'perfect' kan diri masing2 for the sake of both..
Tanpa Nama berkata…
budak2 otak hancur, perangai hancur je ye mmg give up & ckp dah takde pasangan yg perfect ni.
maybe blom abis pusing dunia, blom abis kenal org. mmg wujud dik oii pasangan yg baik kt luar tu. msg2 pandai jaga diri.
shned shahabuddin berkata…
there are nice girls, maybe she's just at another side of the world, you just have to wait for her. patiently.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pentadbir blog.
Edmund berkata…
"attention-whoring females"

lol Best!
reenapple berkata…
teringat satu pepatah" lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik dan perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki yang baik.. " =)
Vy nin berkata…
Nice one! Agree on your views for the whole entire entry :)
Tanpa Nama berkata…
Datin Ben-Pen,

who is this female friend of yours yang most intelligent and polite nih? cer citer.
Ringo no hana berkata…
hmm..sgt la betul..but not necessarily that girl have to find the perfect guy for her..sometimes they didnt wish for someone to love them..they do, but wont put any hope in it..so, instead of waiting for these nice girl to come to you, its better the guy take the first move. and hopefully the right move..
not by suwit2 tepi jalan..
memang xkan dilayan..and dont start babbling they jual mahal..okay. out of topic.

zey berkata…
ada..ada..masih wujud lagi girls y macam ni. ada..masih ada....
fathiah jasni berkata…
you guys might have went to the wrong place.. i mean, wrong place

and.. 'why arent there any nice guys around?'
✿ gadis biasa ✿ berkata…
ade.. masih ade.. pure.. innocent girl..less social..

mahu yang baek kene la cari kat tmpt yang baek :)
gadis_typical berkata…
sometimes yg attention-whore ni boleh je berubah jd humble,off-radar,zuhud, tawaduk n sume2 la~people do change~
n most importantly, tgk diri sendiri dulu~ =)
Tanpa Nama berkata…
"girls nowadays lack the “My Waifu” (soulmate) quality—all they see are girls who are too outgoing, bitchy, too flirty, too sexy, too materialistic, less religious, more rebellious, etc. etc."

Cari kat tempat mcmni (Net, on forums, Twitter, Facebook, also in clubs, parks, malls, concerts, social events and stuff) memang la dapat mcm yg kat atas tuh .

Cube cari kat masjid, majlis2 ilmu, ceramah, Kampung2 yg pedalaman. masih ade yg " mild-mannered, well-adjusted girls, those shy, polite , he nicest, nicest girl"
nak yg baik, lelaki pon kena lah baik jgk :)
TheBentPencil berkata…

dia ada je kat sini. meh kita tunjuk mana ofis dia. serius memang budak baik.
TheBentPencil berkata…
@Tanpa Nama

well, memanglah, kalau ke majlis ilmu agama, masjid etc, 99% of girls in there insyaallah are good ones. (unfortunately i dunno about ur place, here, there's not much single young people going there, usually married/old ones/their young kids). And kampung girls aren't necessarily nice either. Wait till you see them go to KL, all hell breaks loose, their true colors shown!

At normal, non-religious places like bus stops and shops you can also find genuinely nice people. Just like I said--look for them.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
Datin Ben-Pen,

Gadis Melayu terakhir tu ada kat area dalam radius 5 kilometer dari alamat di bawah kan?

UYA Distro, Jalan SS15/8B, SS15, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

aku hantor "cupid" yg accurate kali ni.
aku zue berkata…
if guys out there are so nice..korang takkan jumpa that kind of "attention-whoring females" you guys ended up met that kind of woman because of in your eyes at the first place, you yourself atcually looking for this kind of "attention-whoring females"...

congratulations to all "attention-whoring females" because they really got ur attention!
Gua Hensem berkata…
@aku zue, nice girls are avoided because they look boring in a relationship.

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