Of Queen Control and Self Respect

Relationship was built upon a lot of weird foundation

One of the weird foundation is trying too hard on holding back gracefully. Although you're suffocating inside.

Actually, holding back is good. Holding back means you're respecting the foundation of the relationship you've built upon and willing to give and take although sometimes you'll realize that you're giving in too much.

But as a human, we were built with limits. You have to understand and put a benchmark to your limits. Tolerating is good. I even encourage friends and family to tolerate relationship because relationship means endurance, a marathon, not a sprint.

But someway somehow, you might want to look back and let your partner play their part carefully so that your self-respect is well preserved within the scope of your own relationship.

Those people who's suffering from queen control usually is less dominant in nature. Maybe they're adapting or leading the life of a pacifist. Whatever the fuck any feminists are telling/shouting/rambling and babbling about their so-called self empowerment is just a symbol of  hazy independence, because in the end, all they'll be needing is guidance. From us, men.

No matter how strong, independent and high self-pride they said they were, you will eventually have to understand this ;
"They need a man to guide them".

They will eventually need our part of dominance to take over control of the relationship.

That is when self respect comes knocking on the front door. Its not only about saving your face in the public, but its about self respect. When you failed to teach your woman how to respect yourself as their man, you are failing the self respect agenda.

Yeah, of course. You can hold back. You can hold back as long as you want, but how long? How long will you hold back to the shouting, cursing and public humiliation anyway? Will you erupt in the middle of unwed relationship, in the middle of marriage or stay on living in silence of mistreatment from your woman?

I'm not a hardcore anti-feminists nor a hardcore patriarchial subjugator. I love empowered women who knew their rights in relationships and i will never condone any violence in relationships.

All i wanted to say is take over control and teach some respect to your woman so that the process and progress of self-respect happened interchangeably.


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