We Believe in Love, but in a Different View.

I was actually lying down on my bed, not knowing what to do, besides thinking about love, love, and love – not implying that I am in a relationship or things like that. I just feel the urge to write something, in which most of you could probably relate.

I noticed, living here on the other side of the world ( not really far, to be exact, it’s just an immigration tap away like duhh ) people do not really think about love / marriage as much as when I was back in Malaysia. Let’s just call this people as workaholic / career-minded people. And this ‘mindset’ changed me, it gave me a whole new perspective, I must say.

Some might say it’s a matter of conservative or provocative thinking, but honestly it’s beyond that. First of all, let me start off by putting this disclaimer – I am not promoting which country has the best mentality, and this is just a personal point of view. Plus, I am not stereotyping / overgeneralizing every one of you because I know not all people behave the same way. I would have to say there are both pros and cons. Let’s just look at the greener side, shall we?


Culture shock is the term. That’s what people call it when you are not used to the culture in the country that you live in. At first, I was quite impressed by how these people could concentrate 100% on work, and do not even bother about not getting married, or even be in a relationship. Because even for me myself, I started to so-called ‘love’ someone when I was sixteen years old (though it’s a puppy love).

Back then; I used to prioritize my love life. I would go all out by the name of love. I would sacrifice everything for a thing called love. It’s healthy – because that’s a form of motivation, yes. But when you are hurt, then that’s it. You will lose your energy-drive. 

One thing good, I believe about being a career-minded person, is that no matter how hard life gets your way. You will realize your priority. And clearly, love is something, but it is not about everything.

I may not have the experience on how is it like being questioned, “ when are you getting married?” And I thank God, for that. Marriage is something big. It’s not something that I would want to mess up, so why the rush?

Like hello, I am not playing wedding dash here.

*wink* J


fashionobsession berkata…

This is my first time commenting here. Truthfully, your entry speaks to me in a sense that I can relate to your experience 100%.

I just got back from a European country, nearly 4 weeks ago. To be honest, I am still struggling with the idea of one has to prioritise love over career to seek their happiness.

Back in that particular European country, I was calmer and happier - as most of my colleagues there; are practically obsessed with work; and I shared that value with them.

Now, on the very first day of my orientation week in Malaysia; one of my superiors asked me - point blank - "Dah kahwin ke belum?". Then, it hit me. I'm going to have a tough time adapting back to the Malaysian ways, in terms of familial values.

*sorry for the rant. It has been super tough re-adapting myself to the Malaysian values. Thanks for the entry, by the way!
Missha berkata…
This is why Malaysian people are stress. Everyhere and there, you can call it everywhere people will ask you about love, about marriage which sometimes it pressures you more. Especially those who experienced in broke up nearly those big day. That's the mentality I can say. Even me myself experienced those. But to be workaholic is another thing. Even you try so hard to get things work out on your own way but people will keep giving you barrier that sometimes can make you leave your job and focusing more on love and marriage. And here, Love is some kind of boost up energy. Without love, you can see people struggling so hard with their life. By the way, I like the entry so much.
Ais ketoi berkata…
tak kawen pon takpa aih...bukannya berdosa pon...daripada sengsara lepas kawen ni, baik tak payah kawen...
Eyka berkata…
seriusly aku suke ayat kau.. kenapa nak rush kawen walhal ni bukan wedding dash..;D

seriusly lame giler tak masuk sini komen..haha;p

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