Nobody Ever Cared

             A woman sat forlornly in the train. Nobody sat on her right seat. Neither the left. She took up one and a half seat. Nobody was looking at her anyway. Nobody cared.
            She looked like she shed tears before she hopped on the train. Her chubby face turned red. Her eye bags swelled. But nobody saw it. Nobody cared.
            She took out her hand phone. She was seen reading a text. Then, she cried again. Her tears dropped on the floor of the train as she covered her face with her hands. The coach she boarded was half full. No one noticed her crying. Nobody cared.
            She calmed herself down. She was able to put herself together. The woman looked out of the window. Her mind was running wild. She thought that she could not face it anymore. She had had enough. She was tired of people ignoring her. She was frustrated of people despising her. She hated that no one ever showed concern. Nobody cared.
            The train stopped at the fifth station, the woman walked out. Nobody was seen exiting the train at the station. She was the only passenger who alighted the coach. She walked straight to the steel bench and sat down.
            The once bubbly and cheerful woman was now so depressed and troubled. Nobody ever noticed those changes because nobody ever cared. She took out her hand phone again and wrote a text.

The world is unfair,
The world is prejudice,
The world is hypocrite,
The world is judgmental,
The world is mean,
The world is cruel,
And my world was you..
Now,not anymore.
p/s: I will hunt you down.

                The woman purposely dropped her handphone on the floor. She stood up and looked to the right. A train was fast approaching the station. As the train was stopping, she jumped straight into its path. Her head was decapitated due to the impact. Blood was splashed all over the window. Everybody noticed. Everybody cared.


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