5 Beautiful Things After Marriage (actually more).

This piece of write up suits everyone, not just to those who are just married, but to you who have years married, about to get married or not yet married. Here are 5 beautiful things after marriage.

1.      You can date every day.
During dating years, when both of you were an item, you felt that you never had enough of dating time especially if you were in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR). Even though you were in Short Distance Relationship (SDR), you can’t be meeting every day too. But, you wished to see her/him every day. There were always obstacles or restrictions like money, distance, work, study and etcetera. Now, the vast difference after marriage is, you can date your partner every day, in truth, 24 hours a day! In halal way some more! That is the beautiful part. Every moment after marriage is a dating moment. Every moment with her/him is a moment you will cherish all your life. How wonderful. You date in the kitchen, in the car, at every restaurant you go, every place you set your feet on and basically everywhere.

2.      She/He’s by your side all the time.
That was what you wanted before and you duly got. You might have complained that you never got enough of her/him. It’s the burning love during dating period that makes you feel greedy. You wanted her/him by your side, through the shine or rain. Now that you are married, he/she’s all yours. No doubt about it. There’s always a listener to your stories, a listener to your wrongly-pitched singing, a listener to your dreams, a listener to your daily reports, there’s always a counselor to your problems, there’s always hand to hold, there’s always a shoulder to cry on, there’s always a friend to be crazy with, there’s always a fighting mate (not the one with real punches and kicks) and most importantly there’s always a sleeping partner, literally.

3.      She’s the cook, he’s the helper.
Cooking together, as a husband and wife is another beautiful thing after marriage. Don’t underestimate it. It might get a little dirty and messy but that’s the way it is. It might not be the most popular but it is certainly romantic. It is okay if you’re not a great cook or you are a great enemy of the sink (because maybe normally you just hate to do the dishes), just do it together. It makes the process even more romantic. Trust me. This can also be applied to other household chores, like doing the laundry and cleaning the house.

4.      Share every moment together
During dating years/months/days (depending how long you dated), you basically share moments together too. But not all moments are shared. At times, you dealt with certain things alone, or with your friends and family. But after marriage, every little or big moments are shared together. That is just beautiful. A moment as small as celebrating birthdays or watching movie together is even more priceless after married. And nothing beats the moment seeing your baby coming out to see the world for the first time. That is just an indescribable feeling you’ll ever get. The feeling of being parents is second to none.

5.      Halal sexual intercourse.

Need more explanation to this?


M. Faiz Syahmi berkata…
Please elaborate point number five!
twinscraftlife berkata…
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