Mistakes and more.

Everybody makes mistakes. No one is spared. Making mistakes is part of life. We make mistakes and we learn form it. That's is how life should be. But we can't be making the same mistakes again and again. That's is stupidity. Start to learn from it. And avoid repeating it. Yes, talking is easy. Sometimes, we never realize it was a mistake until it was too late, or someone highlighted it to us.

Being in a relationship is a life challenge. We are prone to makes mistakes. Be it small or huge mistakes that could put the relationship in jeopardy. Some mistakes are forgiveable but certain mistakes would just be too hard to forgive. The core of maintaining a stable relationship is trust. When trust is broken, that is the biggest mistake one could make. When it happen, it depends on both parties to talk it through. The one who's hurt may forgive, but the relationship may end there.

Being in pre-marital relationship is a risk. You should know it. You'll be influenced by the devils. Devils love those who has weak faith, like most of us. When the devils override you, both of you could be making the biggest mistake of your life. You may think you can get away with it, but Allah knows it. Allah always know and see. If you can get away once, stop and realize. What both of you are doing is wrong and start to repent it, before it's too late. Allah will help you to hide your humiliation if you help yourselves not to do it again.

Society sometimes can be a harsh place to live in. Society judges those who make mistakes. One bad thing doesn't make you the baddest person. But society judges you like that. We sometimes couldn't change the society but we can change ourselves. Avoid making any more mistake and live your life. Just get married if pre-marital relationship will just bring troubles. Marriage is the answer and marriage is the most beautiful thing that will happen to you.

Remember, Allah always forgives.


FreakVector berkata…
mistakes are too subjective, even someone with good intention could make the biggst mistakes.

Mistakes are not facts, its just opinion. some could drift us away, some may lead for better life.
Zinedine Zaiddin berkata…
Semua orang buat salah, semua orang buat silap.

Yang paling penting, dah buat silap tu kena ada usaha nak memperbetulkan balik. Take responsibility. Apologize. Fix it. Try.

Bukannya dah buat silap, but keep blame on others, buat tak tahu, run away from responsibility.

Am i rite?

From: Bila Karipap Boleh Bercakap
farizah farr berkata…
indeed...once trust is broken..it depends on both to settle..sometimes it may lead to separation..though one can forgive..tp xkn sama mcm dulu..

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