9 Mei 2013

True Friends

Assalamulaikum warohmatullah.

   All of us have friends. But not all of us have true friends. True friends are rare. They are special breed. They are hard to come by. True friends are exclusive species created by God. True friends aren't those things money can buy. They are so rare so the number of them usually don't exceed the number of fingers on a single hand. In every 1000 friends we have, there might be only one or two. Or none at all.

   Friends are presents. But true friends are God's gifts. They are rewarded to us. True friends are always there for you when you need them. They are even with you at times of when you don't need them. Because they know they are needed. Sometimes, true friends already knew what you didn't even tell them. Because they knew you so well. However, distance may kept them apart. But true friendship never separate them apart. True friends are friends who always listen and understand. They never punish, they never judge. True friends lend their hands before you even ask for help. True friends put themselves second before you.

(credits goes to favim.com)

  You could have few true friends. Those friends could also claim you are one of them. True friends stay and never leave when their friends are in trouble. The most important principle is, true friends never offer a hand while holding a knife on the other hand. Betrayers aren't even called as friends.

  Now ask yourself ? Are you a true friend ?

3 ulasan:

oshinz berkata...

best. entri ni sangat best okeh.

Cik Tia berkata...

saya tak tau samada saya dah temukan sahabat seperti itu atau tidak. tapi saya punya satu teman yang agak rapat dengan saya. kami tidak berkongsi rahsia. bukan kerana tidak saling mempercayai , tapi senang menyimpan rahsia itu sendiri :)

farizah farr berkata...

I luv my freinds..they always beside me when I need them..