(Kispen) Of Megi Goreng And Political Love

It was silent.

Well, the mamak was noisy, as always; but the two of us were silent. It is the aftermath, the day after the election. After staying up late counting votes and waking up even later than usual, this is all they could muster-a silent lunch date in a mamak halfway from both homes. A compromise of sort.
“Mau apa cik?” Asked the waitress.
“Megi goreng.” Said he. Damn, I wanted that first!
“Megi goreng too.” I mimicked. The waitress smiled and repeated the order. “Megi goreng dua. Ok.”
And between the long silence of waiting for the food, we started talking.
“So they won.” He said.
“But lose some hot seats.” I repeated.
“How’s your place?” He asked.
“The YB I voted won. How’s yours?”
“Lost. But, heh...I guess I'm alright."
Silent again.

The month started normally. Until the election date was announced that is. And slowly, little by little, our talks of movies and dates and future plans began to drown under the jargon of political science. As the days progress, the discussion heated to a nearly feverish level, the excitement hardly contained. Nobody is a true neutral, at least in the proceeding days of the election. Someone must side on somebody; and that somebody might just be opposite to who others voted on. 

"They were gerrymandering," he'd say.
"Excuse me?" I objected.
"With the allocation of seats and the territorization."
"And your team, is playing with sentiments. Of dissatisfaction."
"There must be dissatisfaction, if there is not enough to go around."
"Or maybe it's just the closed perception that you see?"
We'd argue on and on. Playing more cards on the table; mouthing whatever our own party trooper is saying.

And then the election day came, and then the aftermath.
The two lovers sat face to face, divided by their loyalty to each own's supreme leader. They have all drained their emotions, their thoughts; and what was left was an empty vessel.
After all of the things said and done, will we go back to normal?
Will we remember the love lost between all those politics?
Will we be together again?

He put down his fork-and-spoon. So did I.
"So that's finished...anything else to do?"
"No, I guess..."
"I'd better leave now."
"Me too, I got...stuff."

We pulled out their chairs, left the table, and paid the food. At the mamak front patio, we walked to each others vehicle. Near the parking lot, we both stopped. He turned around.
"What Saturday?"
"I mean, wanna go out on Saturday?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded.
Well, that's a start :)

picture source: jom.com.my


Mira3dora berkata…
Bcoz of political issue, love between 2 person pun bole goyah. Takpe. Seminggu dua je tu. better kalo jumpe jgn ckp pasal politik. Diffrnt people diffrent perception.
Syu berkata…
So, this is the first time i actually read the whole post in this blog. And you know what, i am in love with this post. The way you write the story, and your english is so good. Looking forward your next post.

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